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Do you own a pet cat or dog? Do you know what it means to be a responsible pet owner? There are four things to consider. Firstly, buy your pet kitten or puppy from a responsible pet shop, secondly, do not neglect your pet. Thirdly, do not allow your pet cats or dogs be a danger or nuisance to other people. Lastly but most importantly, do not ever abandon a pet.

Do Not Abandon Your Pet

It is cruel to abandon your pet cats or dogs to their fate as they may not be able to survive on their own. If they are able to adapt to life on the streets as stray cats and dogs, they will become public nuisance. Even if your pet is a fish or bird, releasing it into the wild is irresponsible as they will either die or create havoc for the local wildlife.

Buying From A Responsible Pet Shop

For a start, do you choose a responsible pet shop when buying a pet kitten or puppy? Well, if you do not really care about where you get your pet kitten or puppy, you could be helping an unethical pet farm or pet shop to profit from unacceptable breeding and animal care. So when you buy a pet kitten and puppy, check that the animal in the pet shop are kept in acceptable living condition. Look at the cage flooring, is it dirty or causing discomfort to the animal (especially for wire mesh flooring)? Is the drinking water clean and there is enough to eat? Do spend some time looking about the pet shop before buying a pet kitten or puppy. The enclosure must be kept clean to prevent illness.

Do not hesitate to ask about the origin of the animal and check whether it is from a reputable pet breeder. If possible, ask to see the parent animal. Take a close look at the general health and living condition of the breeding animals. Check for signs of animal ill-treatment and overbreeding. Some unethical pet breeders mate animals to siblings or parents. So if you are not allowed to see the parent animals without good reason, you would think twice about buying from such pet shop or breeder.

Do Not Neglect Your Pet

Do not neglect your pet cat or dog. Or any pet animal for that matter. Neglect could be simply not giving enough basic pet care like good living condition, food and water. Not giving medical and health care, basic grooming to a pet is also a form of neglect. Not only that, a pet would also need proper exercise, play and emotional bonding with you. You should not cage or chain up your pet cats and dogs all day long. That would certainly make the pet's live miserable.

Do Not Let Your Pet Be A Danger Or Nuisance To Other People

If you have a large pet dog, make sure that it does not pose a danger to other people. It is your responsibility to train so that it's aggressive tendencies can be controlled. Some cats can also be aggressive when they feel threatened. Your pet cats or dogs should also not be a public nuisance. If they are not supervised properly, they would urinate in other's people's property or be a noisy annoyance. As a responsible pet owner, you have to train your pet cat or dog well.

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