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Your pet cat communicates with you in several ways. Cats use their voice, sense of smell and their body language to communicate. You need to be observant in order to learn more about how your pet cat communicates with you. Each cat is different, so each pet cat owner will observe different behaviour. However, over a period of time, a pet cat owner should be able to learn the quirks and perculiarity of his or her cat.

Reading A Cat's Body Language

A cat's facial expressions, body posture and tail movement all combine to indicate a cat's mood. If a cat is purring, it is in a calm and relaxed state. However, some cats also purr when they are in pain. This is perhaps to soothe themselves. If a cat is hissing, screaming or growling, it is in an aggressive mood or it is in the mood for mating.

A cat which is relaxed and contented normally points its ear forward with its eyes half closed. Its tail would be curled and its will purr.

If a cat feels threatened or scared, its ears would be folded back on its head. The pupils of its eyes would be round. If it is agitated, its whiskers would be swept forward and it may show its teeth.

A cat which is cornered and defensive, would make its as big as possible by arching its back, ruffling its fur. If it is about to attack, its tail would twitching or swishing rapidly.

A pet cat owner should learn about his or her cat's mood and body language. It will only help in bonding but also provide clues on the animal's health.

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