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Teaching cats to use the litter box is easy as cats are naturally clean creatures. Using a litter box is almost an inherent instinct. Most kittens and cats easily get used to using a litter box unless it gets too dirty. Here are a few tips on litter training for your cats:

Litter Training Tips

  • Locate the litter box in a clean and quiet location. It should be easily accessible too. Keep the litter box away from high human-traffic areas. Be sure to keep the litter box out of reach of young children as well as the other pets that you may have. Do not put the litter box too near the cat's eating place. Cats do not like to do their business where they eat. If your cat dirtied any area other than the litter box, clean the mess up right away with a solution of equal portion of white vinegar and water. This will help to remove the smell and hopefully prevent your cat from using that spot again.
  • Introducing your cat to the litter box. Place your cat gently in the box. Let it explore and sniff around. Try raking through the litter with your fingers to show your cat what you it to do. Praise your cat when it does the right thing in the litter box. Do not punish your cat when it has an accident outside of the litter box. Just firmly say,”No!” and carry it to the litter box and give it encouraging praises.
  • Keep the litter box clean. Remove the soiled litter daily. Change the entire box once a week. You can wash the litter box with a mixture of water and vinegar to help remove the odor. Try adding a little baking soda to the fresh litter itself. If you have more than one cat, you should get separate litter box for each cat.
  • Your cat may not like the brand of litter. Cats can be finicky creatures. You may need to experiment with the different types of cat litter until you find one that your kitty likes.
  • By following these simple tips for litter training, you can get your cat to use the litter box properly, quickly.

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