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We all love our house cats and would want them to be as healthy and happy as possible. In turn our cats are more than happy to show their affection with a friendly soft nuzzle, a heart-warming purr or an irresistible cuddle. So, how do you keep your indoor house cats happy and healthy? Firstly, you need an indoor playground or play area for your cat. Obviously using a simple dog gate indoor to cordon off a room will be useless for cats as they are great climbers and leapers. So ideally, you should have playroom of sort for your cat.

It is fact that many house cats are often unknowingly being loved to death. Simply by being over-fed with too much rich food and often not enough physical activities that promotes the natural predator instincts in our house cats. This puts our house cats at risk of being obese with the associated health risks.

House Cats Need Natural Mental And Physical Stimulation

In order to be healthy and happy, our house cats need to have natural mental and physical stimulation. These will promote healthy physics and mental alertness. Since most house cats are now keep indoors, your house cat needs an environment that is mentally and physically stimulating to prevent both boredom and obesity. One way to do this is through the use of a treat ball. Your house cats will love to play with treat balls. As the treat ball rolls around on the ground, it will dispense a treat every so often for your house cat to catch and eat.

There are a variety of cat toys available on the market today. Get one that will force your house cat to work in order to receive his daily ration of food. Having to hunt and work for some of its food is stimulating and will encourages a more natural regimen than simply placing the food dish on the floor. Hide some dried cat treats or a portion of his food in some of its play areas while you are away to encourage your house cat's natural hunting and foraging instincts. Of course you need to monitor its diet carefully to prevent over feeding your house cat.

A Sense Of Security

Your house cat needs to feel safe and secure in your house in order to be happy. If your house cat is kept indoors most of the times, provide an area which is free from intrusion. Your house cat will like sleeping areas that are both high up and lower down near the floor. This will help to provide a sense of safety and security to your house cat, especially if you have other pets or young children.

Some Simple But Awesome Playthings

Simple cardboard boxes will offer hours of fun for your house cats, especially the kittens. Be sure to cut a hole in the side so that it move around freely. House cats will feel more secure if it know that there is always an escape route. A hole in the side of the box ensures that your house cat can play in comfort and also not become trapped inside the box should it flip over. Paper bags can also be fun cat toys but be carefully to make holes in them. If you have two house cats, it will allow both to play at the same time. One cat will jump in the bag while the other one will bats at it from the outside.

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