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Remove house plants or keep them away from your pet cat and kitten. Plants are not exactly cat food but cats seems to love chewing on the leaves. Many common house plants are harmful to your pet kitty or they may have been sprayed with bug sprays prior to your purchase. It is simply too dangerous to tempt your pet cat and kitten. If in doubt, remove them, in case your cat and kitten decides to try them as cat food.

Common House Plants That Are Dangerous To Cat and Kitten

Some common house plants are dangerous to your pet felines. For example, chewing on dumb cane,a common house plant, will cause the oral tissues to swell and this can kill your cat and kitten. Your cat can choke to death. Cacti is another common source of injury to house cats and pet kittens. The sharp spiny leaves can not only cause damage to the cat's mouth but if ingested can be fatal. Just because they are spiky, does not mean that the cat will leave them alone, in fact your adventurous cat will make it its happy mission to seek out and destroy any cactus. To many cats, cactus is like cat treat.

If you need to travel anywhere and have to leave your pet cat with somebody. Do inform your helper about these precautions as well.

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