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Keeping Indoor House Cats Healthy

Keeping indoor cats healthy requires some effort. The main watch area is getting enough exercise. There are many types of exercise equipment for indoor cats available. They range from a simple scratching post and shelf, to complicated multi-post set up, complete with beds and carpeted shelves. Some even have artificial leaves to look like trees to satisfy the urge to climb trees. These equipment will allow exercise for your indoor cats by allowing them to climb and jump. They will also divert attention from scratching furniture, as the posts are usually wrapped with sisal and impregnated with catnip, which many house cats find irresistible.

Getting Enough Exercise Indoor

House cats particularly like to climb to high, out-of-the-way places. You should provide such areas if you keep more than one house cat because cats will need some 'time out' from one another. If your house cats like to perch on the top of a furniture, provide some comfy bedding for it there. An ordinary cardboard box is always a great distraction for house cats, they just cannot resist jumping into one. For their amusement, you can provide several boxes with holes cut in the sides. Such activities are also exercise for the indoor cats.