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If you are getting a pet cat for the first time, you have to prepare your house properly. As a responsible pet owner, it is very important to make sure that your house is safe and cat-friendly. Cats, especially young kittens, are curious by nature and love to explore their surrounding. They may get hurt if your house is not cat-friendly. For example, you should not keep poisonous plants that cats will chew or have small holes that cats can get trapped in. In addition, you should also allow your cat access to the outdoor for some sunshine and fresh air.

Preparation Checklist For Making Your House Cat-Friendly

Before you choose the prefect cat name, there are some things to prepare. Here is a list of items for making your house cat-friendly as well as some stuff that you should buy beforehand:

  • Keep house plants out of reach
  • Keep chocolate out of reach, eating chocolate can kill a cat
  • Cover up electrical power outlets. Remove trailing and exposed electrical cables because cats love to chew on them
  • Mend holes and gaps in floorboard, walls and fence
  • Keep all dangerous chemicals in proper storage areas
  • Build a cat flap for easy access to garden
  • Buy a travel basket for the trips to the vet
  • Buy 2 meal bowls. One for food and another for water as well as a plastic place mat
  • Buy a proper litter tray and a bag of cat litter with a litter scoop
  • Prepare or buy a sleeping tray
  • Prepare or buy a scratching post of the right height
  • Buy a few cat toys, especially if you have kittens
  • Buy hair brush for grooming
  • Block off doorways and areas of the house where you do not want your cat to go. Baby gates are ideal for this purpose
  • Check windows, doors and gates for security. Install child-proof locks if necessary

By following these simple tips for making your house cat-friendly, you can avoid some heartache when introducing your house cat to its new home.

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