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A cat need a well balanced diet like all human and animals. Wild animals eat the entire body of their prey, including the bones, skin, flesh and internal organs. So to feed your pet cat meat alone, would not provide all the nutrients that a cat needs.

A pet cat's dietary need also varies with the breed of cat, the age and it's lifestyle. A growing kitten would need nutrients like protein and calcium to develop strong skeleton and muscles. However, a high protein diet for the older cats may overtax the body organs such as the kidneys. So a high protein diet would be a poor diet for an adult pet cat and it can actually shorten the life of your pet cat.

A poor diet can lead to problems like bone disease, intestinal disorders, poor skin and fur condition. It is best to consult a veterinarian on the dietary requirement of your pet cat. A veterinarian would be able to advise on the proper food type and amount of feeding for our pet cat. If your pet cat has unexplained weight gain or weight loss, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian on what to feed your pet cat.

Commercially Available Pet Food

Fortunately, good quality pet food is commercially available in pet shops and even in the supermarkets. Preparing home cooked diet for your pet cat is only advisable if you can ensure the right mix of nutrients. So it is easier to buy off the shelves pet food. You just need to ensure that pet food you buy is for the right age group and type of cat. Remember to follow the instruction on the appropriate amount of pet food for your breed and size of cat.

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