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Cats are America's favorite pets. There are as many as 78 million house cats in the United States. Keeping cat as house pet is a very rewarding experience. They are great company and do not need as much attention as dogs. Here are some interesting facts about cats.

Interesting Facts About Cats

A cat can give birth to as many as ten kittens. Kittens cannot see or hear when they are born. They only open their eyes after two weeks. They start to hear after 12 days. They start to walk when they are about 17 days old. Kittens can be fed solid food when they are six weeks old. Most kittens eat three meals a day while an adult cat eats two. You may think they like milk but milk will give them stomach upset. Most cats are fully grown when thye are seven months old. A female cat at this age can start to give birth to kittens. Cat should be neutered or spayed at 6 months old to prevent unwanted kittens.

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