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If you keep your pet cat indoor, you should allow it to have sufficient physical exercise. This is very important not only for its physical health, it is also essential for its mental health as well. As a pet owner, you are responsible for the overall well-being of your pet cat. Meaning that you are responsible for your pet's health,safety and happiness. Here are some exercise tips on how to care for your pet cat or kitten in order to keep its healthy and happy.

Keeping House Cats and Kittens Active With Toys and Exercises

Keeping pets healthy and happy is a matter of making it feel secure and keeping it well fed with proper cat food as well as getting plenty of stimuli to prevent boredom. This is especially important for adventurous cats that are kept indoor.

There are many stimulating cat and toys available on the market. Some cat and kitten toys are designed to dispense an occasional treat while others are just plain good fun for your playful house cat and kitten. There are also well-designed cat and kitten toys that will entice your pet cat to make use of their natural hunting instinct. Set up a play area for your cats and kittens to explore. Change the objects or shift them around to keep things interesting. You can place cat food or kitten treat on some high places to encourage exploration. One good idea is to build a narrow kitty staircase on the wall. This can lead to a high shelf or sleeping area. The kitty staircase can be designed to look like a bookcase while serving as a jungle gym for your cats.

Housecats and kittens can be trained to respond to a clicker and do all sorts of delightful things, from giving a handshake to retrieving an object. You can train your cat to do a variety of tricks that are both fun for you and your pet cat. Reward positive behaviour with cat treat or some dry cat food. Cats simply enjoy the mental stimulation that clicker training provides and the tasty cat food treat as well, of course. This form of active play is great exercise or your pet cat.

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