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Does your pet dog or cat has bad breath? Dogs and cats also need regualr dental care just like human. They may seem to have strong teeth that can bite through small bones but their teeth are equally vulnerable to decay. Dental care for animal is one of the basic requirement of pet care. Here are some tips on dental care for cats and dogs.

Tips On Dental Health For Cats and Dogs

For a start, do not feed sweet stuff to your pet dog and cat. Their teeth can develop cavities like in human. Eating too much sweet can cause build up of plaque and tartar. So regular brushing is important. Do not use human toothpaste for brushing a dog's teeth or for brushing a cat's teeth. Buy the pet toothpaste from your local pet shop as the regular human toothpaste contains ingredients that can upset your pet dog's or cat's stomach. It may be sold as dog toothpaste but it is fine to use it for your pet cat. There is no need to buy dog toothbrush. You use a soft children toothbrush for this purpose.

Brush your pet's teeth as you would brush a baby's teeth. Gently. Fortunately, cat's and dog's teeth are set wide apart so food are less likely to be trapped between teeth. Some pet shop also offer teeth brushing as part of their pet grooming regime.

You should also buy cat or dog chew toys that are designed to give the teeth a good scrub. Avoid giving your pet cat and dog hard object to bite although they can comfortably chew on bone. It is possible for them to crack or chip their teeth while chewing on bones.

Brush Regularly

Research shows that most cats and dogs develop bad breath by the age of two. It is commonly caused by the build up of tartar and trapped food. As tartar builds up, it can cause inflammation of the gums and lead to more serious peridontal problem. So it is best to address the problem before it get worse. Brush your pet's teeth regularly. Schedule routine professional scaling and dental check once every few years.

If you pet cat and dog develop dental problem, it is best to consult a veterinarian. If left untreated, it can lead to infection of the internal organs such as the lungs, heart, liver and kidney.

Dental Health Checks For Cats and Dogs

Send your cats and dogs for regular dental check up. Too many people forgo proper veterinary care for their pet cats and dogs. It is important to remember that cats and dogs need regular health and dental checks just like human. Regular dental check up along with regular brushing will go a long way to ensuring a long, happy and healthy life for your pet cats and dogs.

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