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Is Cigarette Smoke Harmful For Pet?

Is cigarette smoke harmful to your pet cat or pet dog? You bet it is! We are well aware of the ill effects of cigarette smoke. What many pet lovers may not realise is that cigarette smoke also affect their pets. In fact, some pets may be more vulnerable than human. For instance, dog species with long nose have a higher risk of developing nose cancer (nasal and sinus cancers) because more of the nasal tissues are exposed to cigarette smoke when they inhale.

Cats Are Also Vulnerable Too

Cats like to lick their fur. So it is possible for cats to develop oral cancer because of the carcinogens swallowed. These carcinogens stick to the cat's fur when it is exposed to cigarette smoke. The carcinogens will stay on the furs for several months after exposure. Hence, it is also a health risk for the pet owner and family, especially young children who lke to stroke the cat.

Other Health Problem Arising Form Cigarette Smoke

Just like human, pet animal can also develop respiratory problem after inhaling cigarette smoke. Pet cats and dogs may develop lung inflammation and asthma when exposed to cigarette smoke. So for the sake of your pet, and more importantly, for yourself and your family, you should give up smoking. If you are not a smoke, bless you and be mindful of second hand cigarette smoke around you.

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