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How do you choose a responsible pet shop when buying a pet kitten or puppy? If you do not care, you could be helping an unethical farm to continue profiting from unacceptable animal care. So before you buy a pet, take a good look at the living condition of the animals in the pet shop. Are the animals kept in an acceptable environment? What is an acceptable living condition for animals in a pet shop? Here are some guidelines for assessing whether a pet shop is a responsible business or not.

Living Condition In the Pet Shop

The simplest way is to spend some time looking about the pet shop before buying a pet cat or dog. An enclosure must be cleaned regularly to prevent illness to the animal. If you can see that an enclosure is not cleaned daily or the animals are not well groomed, you may want to think twice about buying from the pet shop. Cages are convenient for keeping animals as they are easy to clean. However, cage flooring can be very uncomfortable for animals. It is painful to stand, walk or to lie on. There should at least be a proper sleeping area for the animal. Is the cage too small or too crowded with animals? There should be enough space for an animal to move about if they are not let out for regular exercise. Many pet shop provide drinking water from sip bottles only. Sip bottle is convenient but it is difficult for the larger animals to get enough water. A drinking bowl can be dirtied or spilled, so many pet shops choose to use sip bottles. This goes to show how much the pet shop knows about animal care.

Take Your Time To Decide When Buying

Do spend some time looking about the pet shop when buying a pet animal. If you can see that the animals are not kept properly, or the animals are not well groomed, you may want to think twice about buying from that particular pet shop. You would not want to support any unethical pet shop that ill-treat animals by not taking good care of them.

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