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Once you have decide on a house cat as a pet and you are sure that a house cat is the right pet for you, you can go about nuying a house cat. The best place to go for buying a house cat is your local breeder or pet shop. However, you should also consider the the animal shelter or animal rescue centre. There are usually many animals looking for a good home. The plus point of choosing a house cat from the animal shelter, is that all these house cats would be well cared for. They would also be neutered and vaccinated by a vet after you have made your choice.

Buying A Pedigree House Cat

If you want to buy a pedigree house cat, you may need to go to a breeder although you may have some luck in finding a pure pedigree house cat in the animal shelter. A pet shop may not be the best place for buying a pedigree house cat as you cannot be sure that it is well cared for and there is no guarantee that they are pure breed.

Handling The Animal When Buying A House Cat

Remember that a cat is a living creature with feeling and personality. It may be shy. It can be easily frightened and injured if you do not handle it properly. Especially for kittens which are small and fragile. Be kind and gentle when handling a house cat. You should physically hold the animal when buying a house cat. This is to assess whether you can get used to the cat and vice versa.

What To Look For When Buying A House Cat

When buying your house cat, look for one with a shiny fur coat, clear eyes and a clean nose and bottom. These are signs of good health and grooming. Buy a house cat that is friendly, active and alert. Pick up the cat or kitten to see how it would react to you. If you have a noisy house, you may not want a timid and shy house cat.

Which Breed of House Cat to Buy?

If you have decided on a pedigree house cat, check with your vet on which breed of house cat would be the best for you. Some breeds are better with young children than others. Some breeds are also easier to look after. Whether it is a pedigree or mongrel house cat, you should think carefully before buying a long-haired house cat. The long-haired breeds will need daily grooming or else their fur will become matted and entangled. This will result in stressful trips to the vet or pet groomer. Follow these tips on buying a house cat and you can have a happy house pet.

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