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The Danger Of Keeping Cats in Highrise Buildings

The obvious danger of keeping cats in highrise buildings is falling from height. Cats that not securely kept indoor may fall out of balconeys, windows or parapet walls. To prevent cats from falling out of highrise buildings, pet cat owners mus secure their apartments properly. For example, a mesh wire screen covering the window is a must. The door must also be secured with grille gates to prevent the cat from slipping out.

Keep Your Cat Happy

There is no need to curtail the movement of your pet cat. It would still need space for exercise. Just make sure that it does not access places where it is not supposed to. You should also ensure that your pet cat is spayed or neutered. This would eliminate the urge to roam when in heat.

You need to keep your cat happy indoor. Another cat may be a good company and prevent boredom. You can build challenging cat run indoor and encourage your pet cat to exercise. For example, you can position bookshelves for your pet cat to climb to it's favourite perch on top of a cupboard.

Bored, lonely cats are more likely to get into mischief, destroy furniture, caterwaul and escape to roam outside. So keep your pet cat safe by keeping it happy indoor.

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