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Many highrise buildings do not allow pet cats. There are good reasons for this. Cats can be very adventurous and they are agile enough to access almost anywhere. This could be a challenge for pet rescue when it could not find it way out of a dangerous spot. Many people are also concerned about the smell of cat faeces and urine. It is particularly obnoxious and hard to remove.

Living With Pet Cats In Highrise Buildings

If a cat owner is a responsible pet keeper, he or she would ensure that the cat is spayed or neutered. This would eliminate a common complaint - caterwauling cats when in heat. The unneutered tomcats are also likely to get into fights with other tomcats. In any case, unless you are a show-cat breeder, there is no reason you should keep your cats un-neutered. You may be contributing to the problem of stray cats if your cat breed with a stray cat. And if you are a serious cat breeder, highrise building is not the best space for your activities.

It is possible to keep pet cats in highrise building. If that is allowed by your building management. You should make sure that your cat cannot go out of your apartment through windows, balcony, unclosed doors and wall openings. Remember, your cat is an expert leaper and climber. It is an escape artist par excellence even if you have not seen this skill demonstrated before.

The main challenge of keeping pet cats in highrise buildings is getting enough physical exercise to prevent obesity and mental stimulation to avoid boredom. It is not impossible. You can build cat run that runs along the wall of a room, leading to high cupboards, shelves and private hideouts. Perhaps, the cat run can double up as book shelves. Of course, toys can provide interesting diversion but the most important factor is your company. If you cannot devote enough time to your pet cat, you may want to reconsider whether you should keep one as pet in the first place.

If you can keep pet cats in your highrise apartment, you can have a great companion which do not require you to take it out for walks. With creativity and imagination, it can be easy to keep your cat engaged in interesting activities even in a highrise building.

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