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One of the most common symptoms for an ill cat is vomitting. Pet cat vomitting is not funny, especially if you are the cat owner. Chances are you have encountered your cat vomitting or gagging. You need not worry too much if your cat vomits once and is alright after that. If there is no obvious injury or illness, and your cat is back to its normal behaviour, it should be fine. However, if your cat is vomitting persistently, you should keep it under close observation indoors.

When Should You Consult A Veterinarian For Cat Vomitting

You should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible if these symptoms accompany your cat's vomitting:

  • your cat vomits several times throughout the day
  • your cat vomits for more than day
  • your cat vomits immediately after eating and cannot keepany of its meals down
  • your cat has no appetite
  • your cat changed its drinking pattern, either more or less
  • your cat's toilet pattern changed
  • there is blood in your cat's vomit
  • your cat is lethargic and weak

here are many reasons why a cat vomits. If you are worried when your cat vomits, go ahead and consult a veterinarian for information, it is better to be an informed cat owner than a anxious cat owner.

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