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If you have just bought a new kitten for a house pet, you should find out more about cat grooming. You are responsible for the well-being of your pet cat and grooming is an important part of a cat's health care. You can engage a professional pet groomer to take care of your cat or you can simply follow a simple routine to keep your cat well-groomed

Dental Care For Cats and Kittens

Send your cats and kittens for regular veterinary check up. Too many people forgo veterinary care for their cats. It is important to remember that cats and kittens need annual check-ups just like human does. Veterinarians also recommend a cat's teeth to be brushed on a regular basis. Proper oral care will ensure a healthy cat. If you feed your feline canned cat food regularly you may notice a yellowing of your cats teeth. Even dry cat food can cause discoloration of the teeth. There are several brand of pet toothpastes available for both dogs and cats. Ask your veterinarian for a demonstration on how to brush your cat's teeth properly.

You just need a small amount of the pet tooth paste which is usually a meat flavor or some cat food flavor. Put it onto a tooth brush and show it to your cat. Your cat will try to lick the toothpaste off the brush as it is cat food. At the same time, gently brush their teeth. Some cats are tolerant of brushing teeth while others need some persuasion.

Grooming for Your House Cats and Kittens

Groom your house cats and kitten regularly. Most cats actually look forward to it. Grooming keeps your cat's coat shiny and healthy. You can send your cat to a pet groomer or just spend some time brushing down your cat yourself. Take the time to check for wounds and parasites. Regular grooming of the fur also help to prevent hairballs.

Cats and kittens need to sharpen their claws as this is both physically stimulating and mentally stimulating. It is an instinctive need as well. So you need to provide scratching posts and boxes for this purpose. There are many scratching post available on the market. You can also make a simple one by wrapping a thick rope around a board, or staple some old carpet onto a board. Either way you are saving your furniture!

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