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Pet diet food is probably the biggest expenditure for most cat owners. Choosing the right cat diet food is important. Overfeed your pet cat and they can get obese. With obesity comes a host of serious health problems such as arthritis, heart diseases and respiratory problems. You should also ensure that your pet cat get proper nutrients through a proper cat diet.

Follow The Recommended Cat Diet Portion

Cat diet food packages will often recommend how much to feed your house cat. Follow this generic guide and adjust for your pet cat's age, size and daily activity level. When intorducing a new cat diet, watch your pet feline carefully for a few weeks and adjust the amount you feed. If your house cat gains weight, reduce the feeding amount and vice versa but be carefully not to overfeed or underfeed.

A well-balanced cat diet is important for a healthy pet cat. Most commercial cat diet food sold in pet stores are good. If you buy your cat diet food from the local supermarkets, be sure to check the nutrition content as not all cat food are equally nutritious. If in doubt, consult your vet.

Supplement your cat's diet with some kibble and dry cat food. It is a cheap cat diet food but it is important for good teeth and gums.

What Not To Feed To Your Cat

Do not feed table scrap to your cat. Your pet cat may also refuse to eat regular cat diet food once it has developed a taste for human food. It is just not recommended to make your own cat diet from table scrap. It is hard to ensure that your cat get the proper nutrition.cat.

Keep cat treats to a minimum. Cat food treats are often salty and fatty.

Some people think cat and dog have the same nutrition needs. Dog food are also more easily available than cat diet. However, dog food is not suitable for cats..

Many people also think that fish is a cat's favorite diet. However, fish bones and chicken bones are common source of injury to house cats. Omit these from your cat's diet if possible.

The older cat may require special diet. Some cats are allergic to certain diet while other may need special diet such as low sugar diet or low calories diet. Consult your vet if your pet cat have special diet needs.

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