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Animal activists, animal welfare workers and volunteers, and law enforcement officers are not the only people who can intervene in animal abuse cases. All of us can help to make our world a better place for our fellow living things. Unfortunately, animal abuse are not uncommon in our society. Cats are the most numerous pets in America and there are many stray cats all around too. So it is not surprising that cat abuse is a common form of animal abuse. Here is how you can help to prevent cat abuse and animal abuse in general.

Be Viligant To Signs of Animal Abuse

Within your own neighbourhood, you can be viligant and look out for signs of cat abuse and animal abandonment. You need not be a nosy parker, just be alert and pay attention to what is going on around your neighbourhood. Do you see stray cats which are injured? Or somebody's pet which look undernourished and poorly cared for.

If you see such signs of cat abuse or animal abuse, inform the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) or other animal rescue organisation. If it is a serious case of animal abuse, you should report the case to the police as well. Animal abuse is an offence under the law. If it is somebody whom you know, it is advisable to discuss the matter with the person involved. Sometimes, animal are abused, not because of malice but due to ignorance or inability to cope with pet care. If a person is clearly not suitable to keep a pet cat, you can persuade that person to give up the abused animal for adoption. Cats, especially stray cats, can also be abused by children who do not know better. It could be out of boredom or for fun that they started throwing stone at the poor animals. Or they may abuse the animal by trapping or tying up the poor creature. If you see such abuse of stray cats, you should alert the ASPCA immediately. If you catch the culprits in the act, have a word with the parents. Do not let such cruel acts go scot free and become a habit.

You Can Make A Difference

Cats are especially vulnerable to animal abuse and abandonment because there are so many of them living among us. You can made a difference to the welfare of these lovely creatures by keeping a lookout for signs of cat abuse and to prevent cruelty to animal in your neighbourhood. To find out more about what you can do to prevent cat abuse and cruelty to animal, visit ASPCA for more details.

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