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So you have bought a new kitten for a house pet. And you are in the process of settling in your new house cat and you chosen perfect the cat name. Congratulation, you are now responsible for the well-being of a lovely creature. Meaning that you are responsible for your pet's health and safety. Here are some tips on how to care for your house cat or kitten in order to keep your pet healthy and happy. Keeping pets safe is a matter of preventing accident, making it feel secure and keeping it well fed with proper cat food as well as getting plenty of stimuli to prevent boredom. This is especially important for adventurous cats that are kept indoor. Why do cats like to roam outdoor? It is just in their nature to do so.

Keeping House Cats and Kittens Healthy With Active Play And Exercises

Pet cats and kittens can be trained to respond to a clicker. You can use this to introduce active play for your cat. Reward positive behaviour with some cat treat. Teach your cat to do simple physical exercise with a clicker. Cats simply enjoy this form of exercise.

Make Your House Safe For Your Cat - Remove All House Plants

It is advisable to remove all house plants or at least keep them away from your cat. Cat seems to love chewing on plants. Some house plants are poisonous or they may have been sprayed with chemicals prior to your purchase. Cacti is a common source of injury to cats. Cat like to it its mission to seek out and destroy cactus. However, the spiky leaves can cause great harm to your pet cat.

If you need to travel anywhere and have to leave your pet cat with somebody. Do inform your helper about these precautions as well. Remind them to stow away electrical cables properly. Your cat may chew on them and harm itself.

Health Checks For Cats and Kittens

Do not neglect dental care for cats and dogs. Poor dental health can lead to a host of health, not to mention the pain and sufering from tooth ache. Brush your cat's teeth regularly and schedule a dental check at least once every few years. For brushing a cat's teeth, you can use pet toothpaste or dog toothpaste available from the local pet shop. Do not use human toothpaste as it can may cause stomach ache for animals.

Send your cats and kittens for regular veterinary check up. Too many people forgo veterinary care for their cats. It is important to remember that cats and kittens need annual check-ups just like human does. Cats are prone to urinary infections and other health problems. If your house cat suddenly stopped using the litter box, consult a qualified veterinarian immediately to rule out a medical problem. Regular veterinary check up along with vaccinations will go a long way to ensuring a long, happy and healthy life for your house cat.

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