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Caring For Older Pets - Dietary And Exercise Needs

As your pet grows older, it would have special dietary and exercise needs. An ageing pet generally suffer from various health problems such as worn joints and weaker organs. Therefore an older pet would need a special diet and an appropriate exercise regime. Both are important in ensuring that your ageing pet do not become obese or suffer fron other age-related problem.

Diet For Older Pet

It is prudent to speak to your veterinarian about the best diet for older pet. A well planned diet can slow the progress of organ problem that an older pet is generally afflicted with. Ageing pets have weaker immune systems and more sensitive digestive systems, so the choice of food is important. A good diet would be easily digested and contain the necessary nutrients for your pet's well being. A generic diet for older pet would contain less fat, carbohydrate, protein and minerals such as phosphorus and sodium. Look for pet food that are customised for older pets or senior pets.

Exercise For Older Pet

Ageing pets may be weaker physically but they still need proper exercise. Exercise for older pet is important for maintaining muscle tone and fitness. Muscles which are not used, even for a day, will start to degenerate. While ageing pet may not be able to run and jump like in its younger days, it is still able to handle short walks. Plan for walks in the early morning or evening to avoid heat exhaustion. Walk along level ground to prevent stress on the joints. If your pet cat or dog is kept indoor only, rearrange the play area in the house to encourage exercise. Remove tall platforms which are more challenging for your older pet. Be mindful that an ageing pet may also suffer from poor eyesight.

Older pets are often obese because of poor diet and lack of exercise. So feeding a suitable diet for older pet and encouraging exercise for your ageing pet will help to maintain your pet in good health.

If you are considering the purchase of a pet from PetsMart or PetCo, please think carefully. You should be absolutely sure that you can take good care of your pet for the rest of it's life. Keeping a pet animal is a life long commitment. Learn more than about responsible pet ownership

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