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Cats need to be outdoor for exercise, fresh air and a bit of sun. However, cat outdoor is at risk of traffic accident, attacks by other animals and catching diseases from other cats. To have the best of both worlds, you can build a cat enclosure or outdoor run if you have a yard or garden. Cat enclosure offers your pet cat safe access to the outdoors. A cat enclosure can be small and cheap or they can be build as an extension to your house.

You do not want to have to carry your cat in and out of the cat enclosure several times a day, so the cat enclosure must be made such that your cat can enter on its own. Many houses have a wasted yard space between the house and the side fence. This is an ideal location for your cat enclosure. Another good option is building behind your house. Where ever you choose, it must be able to use an existing window for the cat to use to enter and exit the cat enclosure.

Tips For Building Your Cat Enclosure and Outdoor Run

Your cat enclosure should be no taller than 6 feet. Make a access door for you to enter for cleaning. Cover the whole enclosure, especially the top with chicken wire by nailing with staples. If you prefer stucco wire, which is heavier, you will need to use U-shaped nails.Make sure you can open the door from the inside of the enclosure, so that you do not accidentially trap yourself inside.

You need to make sure the cat enclosure is not an easy entrance to your house for burglars. The window or cat access door must only be big enough for your cat and not a human. You should be able to close and secure it at night or when you are not home. If you are going to leave the window or cat access door open, cover it by hanging a piece of cloth or lace to keep insects out of your house. Alternatively, you can get a proper cat flap door

Make the cat enclosure interesting by placing logs and rocks in it. Cat especially likes to climb up high so put something tall or just use small table. Place some toys into the cat enclosure to keep your cat entertained. Large logs are a good addition to your cat enclosure and allow your cat something to scratch. Litter trays should also be provided outdoor but it must be sheltered from the rain. A hooded litter tray is ideal or you can also make a great looking litter tray by enclosing a small area with a few logs and fill it with litter. Finally, you may wish to put a rug inside your house for your cat to clean its feet when it comes in.

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