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The Different Pedigree Breeds of House Cats

There are many different breeds of house cats. Each breed of house cats have some distinctive features. For example, a Persian cat has long silky fur with a flat face and a short nose. The Manx cats have a short stubby tail or no tail at all. A unique breed of house cats, the Scottish fold cat has ears that fold forwards.

The Difference Between Pedigree And Mongrel House Cat

Pedigree house cats are specially bred to retain and enhance certain body characteristics, such as shape and size, length of fur and color. Example of pedigree breeds of house cats are Persian, Pekingese and Siamese cats. The Persian house cats are bred for their long, fine fur and bushy tails. The Siamese breed of house cats is well appreciated for its sleek long body and graceful appearance.

Mongrel house cats on the other hand, are of mixed breed. Their fur can be a variety of colours. Mongrel kittens born in the same litter can be of different colours. Mongrel house cats are also called Moggies. Some pedigree house cats are actually descendants of mongrel house cats. These house cats end up as pedigree house cats after having some particular features refined through a few generations of selective breeding.

Grooming Needs of House Cats

Whether they are pedigree breeds of house cats or mongrel house cats, all breeds of house cats need to be groomed. Long-haired breeds of house cats such as the Persians and Maine Coons need to be groomed daily or their fur will get matted and entangled. Short-haired breeds of house cats are easier to look after as they do not need to be groomed every day. In choosing your preferred breeds of house cats, bear in mind the grooming needs of the different breeds.

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