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I have started on the journey for Cisco Certification on January 2011, completing CCNA And CCIP during the year 2011. At the conclusion of December 2011 I have chose to go for CCIE SPv3 as I offer service in the SP related CCIE College. Due to the diverse nature of CCIE SPv3, and the IOS-XR equipment requirement, I was initially left bewildered whether or not as to go ahead. Eventually I was able to locate CCIE University website and review the training content provided. I'd decided to give it a try. I saw the CCIE University SPv3 video clip for very first five month, and cracked my CCIE SPv3 written on 2 May 2012. I then bought the CCIE SPv3 workbook and rack rental to study IOS-XR to study for another 6 month for my very first lab attempt on 09-Nov-12. Having failed the very first lab, I study again using the rack rental for IOS-XR and ultimately did pass on 7-Feb-13. It's a very long journey, but I grateful I made it. Thanks to CCIE University for the excellent CCIE SPv3 material, covering from theory video, lab workbook and the rack rental IOS-XR.

I could at last say that I have completed my target. After about 2 years of preparing for it, I finally get my CCIE certification in R&S. I used CCIE University CCIE R&S Lab extensively throughout my whole study path. I employed the video series, including the ATC and the preparation bootcamp v2 series by CCIE College, all workbooks K1-4, 10 day bootcamp with CCIE College in HK, rated mock labs, new TS labs, and the great blog articles by all instructors. All of these tools have helped build my core foundation and have played an important role in my success. I have invested the past year putting in about 25-30 hours per week to my studies. It took lots of effort, support and perseverance to get to this point. I have only been officially certified for less than 2 days, but I can already feel all of the benefits which this certification brings in. I am exited for all of the endeavours which CCIE will get into my life. I will be perusing either SP or Data Center next depending upon where I get hired. Thank you for the great product that you bring! CCIE University is definitely an expert

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IT functions are an essential aspect of most organizational operations worldwide. One of the primary concerns is business continuity. Companies depend on their information systems to run their operations. If a system becomes unavailable, company operations may be impaired or stopped completely.

Enhanced Fault Isolation Is Also Assisted By Modular Structuring Of The Network Into Small, Easy-to-understand Elements
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