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How Do You Tell Whether A Cat From The Animal Shelter Is Good-natured?

Many people adopt cats and dogs from the local animal shelter. If you want to adopt a pet cat from your local animal shelter, how do you determine whether or not it will be a good house pet? How do you tell whether it has a mean streak or if it can get along with young children and your family.

Firstly, you should go to an animal shelter that focuses on pet adoption rather than animal population control. Most animal shelters would have a pet adoption scheme but some animal shelters would only keep that animals that they took in for about a week before destroying them. Others would spend some time on healing before deciding on the animal's suitability for adoption.

Tips On Choosing A Cat From Animal Shelter

In any case,animal shelters would have better knowledge of cats and other pet animals. A good animal shelter would have done an evaluation on the cat when it came in and if it shows aggressiveness, it would not be put up for adoption. Make sure you ask to see the records from its time at the shelter and ask the opinions of those who have been around the cat, feeding and cleaning it. The animal shelter should be better able to help you to choose a good pet but you should spend some time observing the cats for signs of aggression. If a cat catches your eye, ask questions about it. For example, ask if it has been temperament tested and whether it needs special care or medications.

Some animal shelter has an play area where you can spend some time with a cat one-on-one before deciding if that is the right pet for you. A good cat would show behaviors during play that would help you decide whether it is the pet cat for you. Here is an excellent idea for finding if a cat is good natured. Gently roll the cat on its back and hold it down lightly with your hand on its tummy. This can be a bit scary for a cat if it is excessivly distrustful or angry. If the cat responds playfully, this is a sign that it is comfortable, confident and good natured.

You should closely supervise the animal and your children in the beginning when you bring back a pet cat from the animal shelter. Observe how the cat interact with you and your family. Take your time. If you do not feel comfortable with the animal as a pet, you should bring it back to the animal shelter.

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