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Pet Neglect Is A Common Form Of Animal Abuse

Sometimes, people cannot be sure whether what they have seen is animal abuse. They may think something is not right although the animal is not beaten or starved. Well, you should know that acts of pet neglect are considered acts of cruelty to animal. Even if no injury is inflicted, it is still consider animal abuse. Here are some common forms of pet neglect which are considered to be animal abuse.

Locking A Pet Animal In The Car

This is very common with pet dogs and sometimes with pet cats. However, both cats and dogs suffer equally when left unattended in cars. Animals suffer heatstroke much more easily than humans and a car easily heats up under the sun. Many pet owners tend to leave their pet in their cars while they run their errands. A car is just like a greenhouse. In the hot sun, a cat or a dog can collapse due to heatstroke in a very short time. So within your own neighbourhood, you can look out for cats and dogs which are left unattended in cars.

Crowded And Poor Living Condition

People wth many pets may tend to cram them into cages, especially for small animals like rabbits and hamsters. This is cruel as the crowded condition is stressful for the animals. It will definitely lead to fights among the animals. These pets awould also be vulnerable to diseases.

Leashed Or Caged For Too Long

Restricting the movement of pets can prevent them from reaching water and food or shelter. Long period of restraint will also prevent the animal from getting enough exercise. A cage is a poor environment for long period of confinement. The mesh metal flooring can hurt a cat's or dog's paws. Or the accumulated filth can cause health problem for the pet.

You can made a difference in preventing animal abuse by keeping a lookout for signs of pet neglect and to prevent cruelty to animal in your neighbourhood. To find out more about what you can do to prevent pet neglect, pet abuse and cruelty to animal, visit ASPCA for more details.

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