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America is a nation of animal lovers and pet owners. You can see cats and dogs everywhere. The favorite pet animal of Americans is the cat. Move over, dogs. Cats are indeed America's favorite pets. According to a recent survey, there are as many as 82 million pet cats in America. That is 10 million more pet cats than pet dogs. So the saying that dogs are a man's best friend does not quite pan out.

According to a recent "pet census" from the American Veterinary Medical Association, cats greatly outnumber dogs as the preferred house pets. There are around 82 million felines (up from 71 million pet cats in 2001, when the last survey on pet ownership was taken) as compared to 72 million pet dogs (up from 62 million in 2001).

A Nation of Animal Lovers and Pet Owners

Acording to the pet tally, the top four most popular household pets are:

  • Cats : 82 million
  • Dogs : 72 million
  • Birds : 11 million
  • Rabbits : 6 million

Since 2001, pet turtles have replaced hamsters in the No. 5 spot of the most popular pet. The study also reported that the total pet population in the United States has reached a record high of over 282 million. Nearly 60% of all the households in the United States have one pet. 21% of households have five or more house pets.

Maine has the highest percentage of homes with house cats. 56% of the households share their lives with purring friends, while Wyoming has the highest percentage of dog owners, incidentally also 56%.

Birds are the third most popular pets in America. Although the number of bird-owning households has dropped over the years, the actual number of pet birds has increased. The number of pet birds previously numbers 10 million in 2001 but has increased to 11 million in 2006. After pet birds, there are around 6 million pet rabbits kpet by Americans and these are followed by about 2 million pet turtles at the No. 5 spot, taking over from pet hamsters which now numbers around 1 million.

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