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How To Help Animals In Road Accident

Pet cats and dogs getting hurt in road accident is common. So what can you do to help animal hurt in road accident? You should call for help if the animal is still alive and badly hurted. If it is not on the road and is in no immediate danger from passing vehicles or other dangers, it is best not to move it. The cat or dog may try to run away from the scene, worsening their injuries. So you need to calm the animal down. Talk softly and gently. Do not make any sudden movement. Avoid having too many people crowding around. If necessary, use a blanket to restrain the cat or dog.

If it is necessary to move the animal, take precaution that you do not get bitten or scratched. You can use a glove or wrap clothings around your hands. If there is a suitable elastic clothings like stocking or sock, use it to muzzle the animal. If the cat or dog is vomitting, choking, having seizures or struggling to breathe, do not attempt to muzzle it. You may suffocate the poor creature. A traffic accident may cause spinal injury to cats and dogs. If you need to shift the injured animal, use a large piece of cardboard or other thin but firm material. Slide the board under the injured animal and drag it carefully to a safer place.

Aggressive Dog Hurt In Road Accident

If it is a big dog that cannot be restrained with a blanket, you need to win its trust. Extend your hand palm down, pointing your arm downward, towards its muzzle. Be prepared to snap back if the dog tries to bite you. Keep talking gently and calmly. The dog will understand that you are trying to help. If it accepts, it will lick your hand. If the dog has its ears fold back and it is snarling, back off and wait for professional help. If the animal is willing to accept help or it is unconscious, check for heart beat and broken bones. If it is bleeding, try to stop the bleeding with a cloth bandage.

Cardiac Massage For Animals

If there is no pulse, you can perform cardiac massage by pressing down on the side of the animal, just behind the elbow. Pressure firm pressure 6 times at 1-second interval. Basically, you are trying to move the blood to its head and hopefully revive it. If the heartbeat resume but there is no breathing, open its mouth and pull the tongue forward gently. Then cupped the animal's nose with your hands and blow into the nostrils. Blow steadily to inflate the chest. Watch out for signs of regaining consciousness, the animal will be disorientated and may bite you in the face. If you are not comfortable doing anything, call the local animal shelter or SPCA for assistance.

You can made a difference by providing first aid to animal hurt in road accident. The least you can do, is to make it comfortable and calm. If you are the driver of the incident car, you should stop to provide assistance to animal hurt in road accident.

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