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Every year, many cats and dogs are out to sleep because they cannot find a home. Adopting a cat as a house pet is a great idea as you are providing a home to a creature which may be otherwise put to sleep. The fact is that the number of pets abandoned by their pet owners is increasing and many pets have to be put down as the animal shelters cannot cope. However, before you adopt a pet cat, there are some things you should consider. If not, you may be doing more harm than good. So you should know about responsible pet ownership

Why Do You Want To Adopt Cats and Dogs

If you understand the motivation, you will be better able to determine what is suitable for you. Do you want a quiet companion or a play mate? The different breeds of cat have different temperment. Understanding the simple question of why you want to adopt a pet cat will allow you choose the most suitable pet cat.

The next important question is whether you are ready for a long term commitment. A pet is a living thing. Owning a pet cat is big responsibility. A cat may live for as long as 15 years. So you have to be prepared for it mentally, emotionally and financially. As you go through lifestyle changes, such as moving house, birth of a child and changing job, your pet cat has to remain a part of your life. So you should ask yourself, when circumstances change, will you still be able to take care of your pet cat?

You should also ask yourself whether you know enough about the different breeds of cat. Your lifestyle, personality, living environment and how you spend your time will dictate what pet is suitable for you.

Is Your Family Ready?

Your family is an important consideration for adopting a pet cat. Are they ready to accept a pet cat? Some people just do not like cats. If you have a toddler, you may want to wait a while before adopting a cat. Trust me, you will have your hands full trying to cope with a child and a new pet at the same time. Ideally, your child should also be old enough to take care of your pet cat.

Do you have enough time to take care of a pet cat? Pet cats like human, need quality time. They need exercise and companionship even though they may seem aloof. If your work requires you to travel, then your family should at least be able to fill in. That is why a child who is mature enough to help out with pet care is preferred.

You should also ask yourself whether you are willing to invest in the training of your pet cat. The lack of training is the main reason why pets are returned by their adopters. Basic training helps both pet and owner comunicate better, strengthening the pet-owner bond. You need to spend your time on training your pet cat, it is not a matter of just spending some money for somebody to do the job.

Can You Afford It

It is not just the upfront cost of adopting a pet cat. This is normally a hundred dollars to cover spaying, tagging, vaccinations and health checks. Over the course of it's life, a cat will incur substantial maintenance cost such as food and veterinary care. Health issues can be a challenge. Are you prepared to deal with health problems like fleas, allergies and sudden medical conditions? It is not just a matter spending money for veterinary care, it can be emotionally draining to care for a sick cat.

Are You Prepare To Change Your Home?

Is your home big enough? Do you need to expand the living space for your pet? This will obviously affect space usage for other purpose. Can you pet-proof your house? It may mean giving up your beloved plants and other potentially dangerous objects. You may need to give up that gorgeous balcony view and install grilles.Ultimately, adopting a pet cat and introducing an animal member to your household is a matter of compromise.

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